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Big Trak is definitely one of the more interesting toys of the 70's. It was basically a programmable tank that you could set to follow specific patterns, like go forward four units, turn right, go forward 10 unit, fire you guns. Using Big Trak was the first time I programmed anything.

From the catalog: "Let Big Trak's electronic memory treat you to an absolutely spectacular performance. Just punch in your program of commands and watch Big Trak carry them out: moving forward, backward, left and right, up to 99 length units! Order Big Trak to picot into a sharp or wide-angled turn, full circle, or even beyond that. Big Trak can lurk silently before continuing on its course, and can fire either a single shot or a volley from its "photon" cannon. Send Big Trak out of the room, around furniture and other obstacles, and back again! Easy enough for kids to learn, but so much fun, even adults won't be able to resist. One 9 volt transistor and four 1.5 volt "D" size batteries."

Big Trak's only accessory was the Big Trak Transport, a dump truck like attachment that could be dragged along behind it. From the catalog: "Fascinating companion unit of Big Trak that automatically hooks up to Big Trak's electronic cicuitry. Watch Big Trak Transport haul loads and suddenly dump them on a pre programmed command. The Transport's sleek design offers great maneuverability and allows the unit to take turns and corners in stride. A great accessory to a great toy!"

Although the automatic dumping was kind of neat, Transport never really did much for me as a kid.


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