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 Metal Man

Metal Man is a line of toys very similar to Mego's Micronauts. Metal Man toys, as the name suggests, are die cast figure with joints at their shoulders, elbows, hips, legs and knees. Metal Man was distributed by Zee Toys in the US, and Zylmex in the UK and Japan. Zee Toys/Zylmex is also known for their M.A.S.H. die cast vehicles and a line of space toys known as Firebirds. Not featured below is Roton, the figure second in from the left in this picture.

Major Mercury

Metal Man toys came in a number of themes. The Corporal Chrome military line had a variety of soldiers with guns, stretchers and rafts. The Sgt. Silver Policeman sets came with a roadblock, a search light and a helicopter.

Major Mercury, to the left, came with his sled, a jet pack and repair unit set. You could also get a NASA rocket ship to play with. Major Mercury loose is often missing a transparent visor that attaches to his white helmet.


Radon was one of Zee Toys' robot lines. This particular Radon came with an orange space helmet and laser gun. Radon also came with a recharge capsule and a sky sled. Zee Toys also made a flying saucer ship for Radon to pilot.


Easily one of the heaviest of the Metal Man toys, Questar is a also one of the less interesting. He comes in solid gold or chrome or one variation with a blue torso and gold arms, legs and head. Questar is most commonly found with a collapsible jet back that is similar in function to the Micronauts' Space Glider.

Corporal Chrome

Go Navy! The Corporal is the military arm of the Metal Men. He comes in a variety of packages, including the boat you see here with it's sticks of dynamite, a medic set with a stretcher and first aid kit, a flame-thrower type unit and a jeep playset.


Sergeant Silver

The Metal Man line isn't limited to robots and astronauts, Zylmex/Zee Toys also ventured into a police theme with their metal cop named Sergeant Silver. The sarge comes in several packaging variations, including the box you see here, a roadblock and radio backpack kit, and a search light and bullhorn combo.


This was one of the last Metal Man figures released and he is pretty hard to come by carded. He only has two variations that I know of, one includes the recharge capsule, and one is the Zylmex boxed figure.

Metal Man Sears Set

This is Zee Toys' 12 pc. Metal Man Set sold as a Sears Christmas Catalogue Exclusive and included a variety of Metal Men, Ships and Accessories, including: 2 Astronauts - 2 Radon's, NASA Space Ship, Sky Sled, Flying Saucer, Recharge Capsule, Mars Probe, Rocket Repair Unit 7, Rocket Pack 4 and a Helmet Pack. The set shipped in a generic brown container.

Sergeant Silver Playset

The Sarge also came as part of a playset that included a large plastic Police helicopter he could pilot into hazardous areas with.

Major Mercury Playset

In addition to the carded Major Mercury toys, you could get NASA's intrepid astronaut as part of a set that includes the Ship that is also found in the Sears set. The ship stands on it's rear fins, pointing straight up, when not on a mission into deep space.

Saucer Playset

Radon also came as part of a Saucer set. The most common form is the grey and orange saucer, but Zee also released metallic blue and metallic green saucers as part of a Sears set.


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