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The Toy List
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 Bionic Licensed Toys

Video Center

Get Steve ready for his assignments by prepping him with useful and entertaining information using the Bionic Video Center. Okay, it's a dumb little file viewer that you can sit Steve in front of.

Bionic Crisis Game

Not much to say, one of several Bionic games you could play.

Bionic Woman Game

For fans of Jaime, a game all her own.

Six Million Dollar Man Game

If a Bionic crisis isn't enough to get your blood pumping, here's another way to play out some Bionic exploits.

Trading Cards

What successful, or unsuccessful for that matter, 70's show or movie didn't have trading cards? SMDM was no exception and you could get exciting shots of Steve and Oscar in polyester. Now who wouldn't want that?

View Master Reels

Visual aids played a large part in SMDM toys. If you wanted to see Steve get a back rub in 3D, then just slot this reel into your View Master and off you go!

See a Show Viewer

Colonel Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man in exciting 3D Bionic action color scenes. 5 completely new adventures - 35 scenes that pop right out at you! Exciting viewing fun anywhere.

What we have here is a View Master like viewer, instead of rotating the images, you pull them through a slot. Each slide tells a story.

Give a Show Projector

A super new projector featuring the popular Six Million Dollar Man. The set comes complete with projector and 16 full strips - 112 color slides. You can show giant 8' x 8' pictures on a wall or other surface.

Kenner made a lot of Give a Show Projectors, this one came in Bionic colors and was supplied with full color scenes from the TV show.

Movie Viewer

Fast moving action - just as seen on TV! See, in color, the grinding jet crash that led to the creation of the world's first Bionic Man! Snap in cassette, crank forward and back - fast or in slow motion and view.

Another Kenner product repurposed for Steve. There were several SMDM cassettes to get. You could also get cassettes from other programs. Kenner even made an Alien movie viewer.

Bionic Tattoos and Stickers

Give yourself and the things you like best the real Bionic look with colorful Bionic Tattoos and Stickers. Stickers and Tattoos depict authentic looking electronic circuits and Bionic Modules. Put tattoos on arms and legs. Wash off easily with soap and water.

I blame temporary tattoos like this for my generation's obsession with getting ink done and skin pierced. Just think, if Kenner hadn't made tattoos cool for Gen-X when we were 10, we might never have had the Lollapalooza side show!

CB Headset Radio Receiver

A real CB radio that receives all 40 channels! Plus you can hear your own commands through the headset. The Receiver has a futuristic design and is decorated with Bionic circuitry.

Kenner released this toy under a number of guises. You could listen to CB at the height of the craze, but not send. You could also speak into a microphone and hear yourself over the headset.


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