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micronauts - 3/4 inch figures


Hailed by some as the holy grail of Micro collecting, denegrated by others as a worthless pile of crap. No matter how you consider Ampzilla, it is a rarity and frequently sells for over $500 on eBay. There is at least one known US Ampzilla, but the majority are imported from Italy and are part of the I Micronauti line.

Prepare for the invasion. Ampzilla is armed vehicle to attack. This menacing reptile from the far off planet of Saurian measures a big 7 1/2 inches high and features two head mounted ray gun vaporizers, grizzly teeth and powerful claws for squeezing its victims. Large enough to carry a Micronaut Fantasy Figure inside its ugly torso.

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This is one of the U.S. only Micronaut figures that Mego released late in the Micronauts' life span. Antrons come in three variations. The most common variation has a light green, glow in the dark brain. Less common is the variation with a dark orange brain. The least common comes with the light green brain, but none of the red accessories that attach to the ends of Antron's arms. This third variation was released as Mego approached bankruptcy with a unique, though low quality, card.



The evil centaur like alien invader. Of all the import aliens I like this one best. There is an elegance of design to it that I really like. In one hand, a shield, in the other, a laser crossbow. Kind of fitting for Centaurus. His glow in the dark green brains is often missing in loose ones. His legs also have a tendency to crack.


An unproduced steed for the alien invaders. According to the catalog: He's Equestron, the realistic motorized galloping armored stallion and chariot. Just place a Micronaut in the stallion's saddle or behind the chariot and go. Requires 2 "C" batteries. Look out Quo Vadis!



Antron's alien vehicle. The Hornetroid, a US only release, is one of the coolest vehicles in the toy line. A lever makes the wings move up and down and there is another lever between the pincers that causes them to close on any unsuspecting Time Traveler.

The Hornetroid has an intresting quirk to it, there is a purple bulb that comes with the toy that fits in two places, the tail (like a stinger) and below the top gun. Although it seems like there should be two items, the toy only shipped with one. Go figure.

Striking terror into the hearts of defending Micronauts is this new and fantastic android invader - half insect, half mechanical vehicle. Large enough to carry a Micronaut Fantasy Figure behind its transparent eye case, this incredible alien flyer grabs unsuspecting Micronauts in its spring loaded jaws, and flaps its large, transparent wings at the touch of a special button.



Another unproduced prototype that has shown up in a number of Micro catalogs. Here's what one has to say about our dino looking friend: A realistic radio controled lizard, Iquanos walks forward and reverse while moving its head from side to side. Its eyes light up as its ferocious jaw opens and closes. 2 9 volt and 2 "C" cell batteries required.

I don't know if realistic is exactly the term I would use to describe this toy, but it does bear a fair resemblance to a triceratops. Towards the end of the Micronauts line the toys started to take a fantasy turn and this is the least micro of all the Micronaut toys you're likely to find.


The clawed carrier of destruction from the forbidden world of Udanax. Kronos is most commonly found as an I Micronauti import but he was sold in US packaging. Kronos comes with a semi-transparent set of wings and blaster that fits between his two claws.


The scaly creature from the deepest oceans of Zenon. Meet Lobros, the weirdest looking of all the Micronaut aliens and one of the best armed. He totes a big black shield and blaster to go into battle with. In a weird twist of evolution, Lobros' brain is in his mouth and sits right behind a very forked orange toung...




An I Micronauti vehicle for, you guessed it, Lobros. Two claws, two guns, six wheels and a cockpit, that's pretty much all there is to Lobstros, although it is quite a prize for Micronaut collectors as it is fairly scarce, though probaly not as hard to find as Red Falcon or Ampzilla. I'm not aware of any US versions of Lobstros but it is pretty easy to find (for a price) the Italian model of this aquatic terror.

From the Micronauts catalog:

The awesome creature from the distant planet of Hyra features two grasig spring loaded claws and an opening canopy that holds a Micronaut figure. 9" in length, Lobstros has six wheels and accepts all interchangable Micronaut figures. No batteries are needed.



The slithery skinned invader from the remote world of Visceros. Just gotta love that card copy! On Membros' back is a pack with an often lost hydro-pipe that connects to his hyrdo-blaster. There are three variations of Membros, orange brain, light green glow in the dark brain, and a Membros without weapons.



Easily one of the cooler Aliens, Repto has large bat wings, a vicious saw blade and a blaster. Can't ask for much more in a villain! Again, three varieties, green and orange brain, and the accessories free version.



To be honest, I've never seen one and don't know much about it, so here is what the catalog says: Silently, but swiftly, your Micronaut Fantasy Figure is transported through the murky water. Sharkos, the silent predator from the undersea world of Isaurus propels a Micronaut to his amphibious destinatin. Sharkos accepts all interchaneable Micronaut figures and accessories. One AA battery required.



The elephantine water squirting vehicle of Membros. While the Hornetroid is a vicious black and red, Terraphant is purple, black and green (ugh.) There is also a water reservoir and pump that turns Terraphant into a Micro style fire truck.

The new incredible alien invasion vehicle - half elephant, half mechanical bulldozer. Protecting its controlling Micronaut fantasy Figure beneath its rotating armored ear panels, this android beast shoots jets of water from its trunk to subdue the defending good guys.


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