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micronauts - large figures


Alphatron is the first of three of the oddest, and perhaps least collected, Micronauts. The Trons are a cross between a large figure and a vehicle, as they are clearly vehicle sized, but hold no figures. What's distinctive about the Trons is their odd movement. They all have a lopsided gait, do flips and roll-over as they move.


Aside from being known for easily breaking, Betatron is quite the sommersaulting master. He can be set up pretty easily to swing a bar over it's "head" and do all kinds of acrobatics.


This is the Italian I Micronauti box for Gammatron but it is pretty much the same as the US version, except of course the US version is in English. What sets Gammatron apart from the other 'Trons is a shovel scoop at the front of the vehicle. Aside from that it is just as wacky as the others.


This is one of the three largest figures, which includes Giant Acroyear and Phobos, which is an evil version of Biotron. Biotron is mechanized; his arms will move and he will walk along, although very slowly. The clear capsule in his chest will hold a Time Traveler. Biotron also has a set of treads on his back and can be reconfigured as tank type vehicle.


This particular toy is barely a figure. He's stuck in place on his sled and can only move at the waist and shoulders. Blizzard is a Japanese transplat from the Microman line. Although he appears as an I Micronauti in Italy, I don't think he was released as a US Micronaut. He looks kind of cool and will hover along on his sled, but as far as fun goes, Blizzard just isn't much.

Giant Acroyear

Giant Acroyear is easily one of the most interchangeable of the Micronaut pieces. This picture shows him fully assembled, but his two arms can become full fledged figures of their own, while his torso becomes a plane, and his legs form a tank. Lots of little missiles make this toy great fun to play with and a serious chocking hazard.


Large figure or carrying case? Karrio looks like a robot with giant wheels on his feet, but pretty much all he does is open up and hold your Micronauts. He has lots of 5mm peg holes all over his body which can be used to mount your Micro items to him.


Arch nemesis and re-colored variant of Biotron is Phobos. Works just like his blue and white counter part, walking on his feet, or rolling along like a tank on treads on his back. His chest cavity can hold a Time Traveler or other Micronaut figure. I actually prefer the coloring of Phobos over Biotron, but that head is just dumb looking. Phobos is also next to impossible to acquire. I have been trying unsuccessfully for 3 years.


Rolling death is Microtron's other name. Another motorized Micronaut, doesn't actually transform into too many items, but he does have a pelvis mounted drill that spins, treads that make him move, and a head with a seat for time travelers to sit in. Microtron's treads frequently break however. He also has a second demon head that looks far more impressive than the one shown here.


Nemesis ties with Phobos on the difficult to acquire scale. I also haven't been able to get one of these for myself. Anyway, if Phobos is the arch nemesis of Biotron, Nemesis, is, well, the arch nemesis of Microtron. He sports a re-colored body, black to Microtron's white, and purple variations of some of Microtron's accessories. Unfortunately, it seems that almost no thought was put into Nemesis' head as it is almost as dorky as Phobos'.


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