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micronauts - playsets

Galactic Command Center

This is one of the more commonly found micro cities. It comes with a crane and several domes making it an interesting piece to build.

The playsets were all unique to Mego and the US Micronauts market, featuring white squares and triangles that could be linked together with tabs to make buildings.

Cosmic Control Base

This is one of the smaller, but cooler, playsets, with a dart gun and crane. I write this based on the picture because I've never actually seen this set myself.

Interplanetary Headquarters

Another of the more common micro cities. The Interplanetary Headquarters has an elevator assembly, a swivel chair, and a computer console for figures to work at. The Interplanetary HQ is also a part of the Microrail City.

Micropolis Megacity

Without question the largest of the micro cities and a thumb blistering endeavor to put together. This city has hundreds of parts, including domes, struts, computer consoles and swivel chairs. Fully assembled it is a joy to behold and populate with Micronauts.

Aim for the stars. Build a Galactic Fortress, a 4 foot high skyscraper or even a couple of space cruisers with Mega City, the largest and most comprehensive Micropolis set ever made. The 500 building pieces include 16 columns, six transparent domes, 4 stair units, over 200 geometric structural shpes, more than 200 connectors and dozens of other pieces.

Microrail City

This is my favorite of the white block cities. It includes a full Interplanetary HQ as a center piece, and has a monorail around which a motorized car that can hold one figure races. Below is an artist's sketch from a catalog that suggests that at some point, the Interplanetary HQ may not have been planned as part of the set.




Rocket Tubes with Launcher

The Rocket Tubes set is one of the more intriguing, and one of the most disappointing, playsets. Theoretically, this set is air powered, and will send a 'Naut holding capsule or a special Micronaut figure jetting along the tubing. In reality, the tubing is poorly constructed, the air power is ineffectual, and the whole set the kind of toy that kids hate three days after Christmas and their parents have to take it back. The set glows in the dark and came in two variations. Shown here is the Deluxe set with Launcher at the top. The basic set came without the upright launcher.

Satellite Survay Station

Domes, pylons and squares make up the Survay Station. There isn't much to this particular set and no special ieces, but a good basic building block


My favorite playset. The Stratastation has it all, a custom motorized vehicle that races around the track, a conning tower with a motorized elevator, and a model train like switching station. I've actually assembled several Stratastations into one large track for my 'Nauts to race around.


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