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Six Million Dollar Man

"We can rebuild him."

And so could thousands of young boys thanks to Kenner's excellent line of toys for the Six Million Dollar Man TV series.

There was, of course, Steve himself, as well as Jaime Sommers, his erstwhile girlfriend, Oscar Goldman, the sharp dressed boss man, Maskatron, Steve's more expensive arch enemy, and the character no one could forget, Bionic Bigfoot.

Kenner produced a truly stunning number of accessories for Steve, as well as nearly half a dozen versions of our hero.

As a toy, Steve had it all. A bionic eye you could look through. A bionic arm with pop out bionic modules and roll back elastic skin. A bionic grip that could grab on to items like a steel girder or a motor. With a twist of his head and a push on the lever in his back, Steve could lift damn near anything.

Jaime Sommers started off life as Steve Austin's girlfriend. But after a nasty accident, Steve had her turned into the Bionic Woman. Unfortunately for Steve, she had amnesia and couldn't remember him. Fortunately for Jaime, she got her own TV show and a line of toys.

Jaime came decked out with a Bionic Mission purse full of goodies, bionic hearing (whoopie) and hair that was guaranteed to get gross and mangled within a week of being opened.

Kenner was aiming this bionic toy at the girls, with accessories like fasion dresses and a carriage house to play dolls in. Not that Steve and Jaime are anything like Ken and Barbi...

Villains abounded for our intreped bionic pals to go up against. Steve had Maskatron, a fellow bionic man who the OSI spent an extra million on, bringing the total to 7 million. Masky came with three different faces, his own, Steve's and Oscar Goldman's, as well as some very cool attachment arms. Jamie had the evil, but sexy, bionic Fembots who, like Maskatron, could remove their faces. Then there was Bionic Bigfoot, who was sort of an enemy, sort of a pal, depending on how you felt like playing that day.


Of course, you can't forget Oscar Goldman. Oscar was the OSI toadie that was always sending Steve and Jaime into harm's way. He was also the stylin dude with the hot disco threads. Kenner's rendition of good ol' Oscar was pretty much true to the character, with a posh plaid jacket and turtle neck. He did also come with an exploding briefcase, if you didn't open it the right way, all the documents looked destroyed





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