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Bionic Bigfoot

As if Maskatron weren't enough to deal with, Steve also has to contend with a, yes, Bionic Bigfoot. In the TV series, Bigfoot and Steve start off as enemies but Bigfoot gradually decides Steve is okay and he saves him at the end of the episode.

The same is true in the toy line. On the package we see Steve and Bigfoot going mano a mano, but later toys like the Bigfoot version of the Bionic Mission Vehicle have them palling around like old chums.

Unlike the other Bionic toys, there isn't much to Bigfoot. His arms and legs move, but he doesn't have joints at the knees or elbows. His only Bionic feature is a plate that pops off of his chest so that Steve can get a good grip and hoist him into the air. Other than that, though, Bigfoot is a pretty bland toy.


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