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The Toy List
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 Bionic Accessories

Bionic Transport and Repair Station

17 1/2 inch tall Bionic activity center for your Six Million Dollar Man. Real 2 power microscope for Bionic surgery; "X-Ray" unit that works in careened room, "operating" computer with control panel, readout console, revitalization chamber. No batteries required. Action figure not included.

That's what the catalog says but it doesn't do this toy justice. It's a combination rocket ship, surgical bay with dozens of ever so cool parts. You can plug diagnostic tools into Steve's bionic parts, use a glow in the dark x-ray machine to find damage, or seal him up and send him to the moon.

Critical Assignment Arms

Designed to snap on your Six Mil Dollar Man figure. "Laser Arm" actually shoots safe red beam; "Neutralizer Arm" features "Sonic Neutralizer" and can deliver stunning Karate chop; "Oxygen Supply Arm has oxygen mask, connects to arm panel for high altitude missions. All arms in set feature roll back skin. Bionic Action Shirt included.

These are definitely some of the cooler accessories for Steve. A laser, a sound blasting karate chop and a oxygen mask. With these arms Steve was ready to go anywhere my backyard could take him. Only problem was all three arms were his right arm.

Click here for a larger picture
click here for a larger picture
Critical Assignment Legs

These are special snap-on legs. Bionic first aid leg has a hinged secret panel which opens to reveal Bionic repair tools and circuits. When you activate the exploding leg, au create a Bionic malfunction. The leg panels "explode" off too reveal inner Bionic structure.

I always sort of though the exploding leg was cruel, but at least he had a medical leg to go with it. The legs come in right and left flavors, so he could wear both at the same time.

Bionic Adventure Sets

Now there are three new action sets that take Steve into scores of new adventure situations...on land, in the air, even in outer space!

What we have here is the Mission to Mars space suit, my favorite. The OSI Undercover Assignment outfit that is, well, so very 70's, and the Test Flight at 75,00 Feet suit. If you ever tried to deny that Steve was a doll, playing dress up with him, even if it is a space suit, pretty much put an end to that delusion.


Back Pack Radio

After the Bionic transport, this was my favorite Bionic accessory. The backpack is a radio and you can pretend Steve is listening. An antenna in the side picks up the signal. Inside the backpack is a headphone piece and a metal clip that you would need to attach to a metal surface.

To be honest, this never picked up any signals in my area, but I loved in none the less.

Porta Communicator

When you speak into the microphone, your voice will be instantly amplified and transmitted through the Six Million Dollar Man's back pack receiver. Comes complete with 10 foot cord. Hours of Bionic adventures with Colonel Austin.

I thought this toy just plain sucked. Talk into a microphone and wow, your voice comes out a receiver you can strap on Steve's back. If it had been wireless, it might have been cool, but give the Critical Assignment Arms Andy.

Bionic Mission Vehicle

This is the new land-air action vehicle for your Six Million Dollar Man. Big 20" long customized vehicle has cockpit with wind-resistance shield, special Bionic cables, video console and other features including auto-eject fuel pods and double action winch. Three wheels for ground travel. Attach wing shrouds for air borne missions.

Okay, this toy was cool. A combination rocket sled and air craft. What more could you want?


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